Strategic Meeting Point

Occupational Health & Safety Policy

Hursan Logistics

  • Provides and maintains safe facilities, operation and working conditions to the working personnel, visitors and suppliers,
  • Provides appropriate information for its personnel, suppliers and visitors in order to execute all activities within a sense of responsibility and an efficient approach and organizes trainings,
  • Primarily evaluates the health and work safety of the personnel during planning and decision taking,
  • Makes evaluations for minimizing the impact of business activities on the health and work safety of the personnel, makes researches and spends effort,
  • Forms and maintains emergency case (earthquake, fire, flood, civil defense, dispersion-leakage, product recall etc.) action procedures according to the risks and the opportunities for the continuance of the work.
  • Accepts the legal requirements as minimum standards, fulfills the applicable work health and safety as well as the related legal and other requirements.
  • Executes the activities necessary for avoiding the injuries and health problems and for the continuous improvement of ISG management and ISG performance.
  • Determines the ISG targets and through fulfilling the activities necessary for achieving the targets, periodically reviews the targets.