Strategic Meeting Point

Environmental Policy

Enviorment is the Most Essential Principle of Hursan Logistics


The essential principles guaranteed to be applied by Hursan Logistic within the scope of the environment policy in order to leave a cleaner, better world for the next generations by protecting the environment, using the natural sources with maximum saving and efficient and avoiding the pollution are as follows;

  • By providing environment related trainings to all personnel from top management to the lowest unit and with the joint liability conscious, to encourage to have active role in activities sensitive to environment,
  • By detecting the environmental risks that may occur during the activities, to form a systematic that provides and continuously develops the removal in accordance with the legal legislations,
  • Through a sustainable development approach, to apply a source management covering the natural sources and other sources,
  • To fulfill all applicable legal legislations concerning the environment,
  • According to the determined objectives and targets, to apply an Environment Management System appropriate to ISO 14001 Standard and to provide its sustainability and development.